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How to Run Bases in Kickball: A Comprehensive Guide

by Roy Falcon

Well, well, well! It seems like we’ve got a few kickball fans out there! Kickball is more than just an easy-going game of tag – it’s a game of strategy, skill, and most importantly, FUN! Are you ready to up your kickball game and become a base running pro? Oh boy, do we have some tips and tricks for you! In this awesome blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of base running in kickball and show you how to make those runs happen! So, put on your game face, grab your favorite pair of cleats, and let’s get ready to turn up the heat on this kickball game!

  1. Know the Rules:
    Before diving into base running strategies, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the rules of kickball. Understanding the game’s regulations regarding base touches, overthrows, and tagging plays will ensure you make informed decisions on the basepaths. You can find the official rules from WAKA here.
  2. Speed and Agility:
    Base running in kickball heavily relies on your speed and agility. Developing quick bursts of acceleration and maintaining balance while changing directions are key. Regular cardio exercises, agility drills, and speed training can improve your overall performance on the basepaths. Check out our Helpful Exercises blog posts for some more tips!
  3. Utilize Proper Footwork:
    When running the bases in kickball, proper footwork is crucial. As you approach each base, focus on coming to a complete halt if the ball is nearby so you don’t get tagged out. If the ball isn’t coming back any time soon, focus on landing on the corner of the base and pushing off the base to gain more momentum towards the next base. Use the banana technique when rounding bases!
  4. Awareness of Fielders:
    Being aware of the fielders’ positions and movements is vital during base running. Keep an eye on the fielders as you progress around the bases to anticipate their throws. This awareness will enable you to adjust your speed or make strategic decisions, such as advancing to the next base or retreating to the previous one.
  5. Sliding Techniques:
    Sliding can be a valuable tool in kickball base running, allowing you to evade tag attempts and reach the base safely. Practice different sliding techniques, such as the pop-up slide or hook slide, to improve your chances of avoiding tags while maintaining control of your body. Keep in mind that not all leagues allow sliding. So again, please review the official rules at whatever league or tournament you are playing in.
  6. Communication with Teammates:
    Effective communication with your teammates is essential in kickball base running. Use verbal cues or hand signals to communicate your intentions, such as signaling a teammate to advance or hold their position. Clear communication can prevent confusion and help execute successful base running strategies.
  7. Take Calculated Risks:
    Base running in kickball often requires taking calculated risks. Assess the situation, such as the number of outs, the score, and the strength of the opposing team’s defense, before deciding to advance or hold your position. Sometimes a daring sprint can lead to a run, while in other situations, it may be wiser to play it safe.

Running bases in kickball is an art that combines speed, agility, strategy, and communication. By mastering the techniques mentioned above and adapting them to different game situations, you can become an awesome base runner in kickball. Remember, practice makes perfect, so get out there, have fun, and dominate the basepaths in your next kickball game!


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